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I didn’t watch 4x21 (haven’t watched for months) but I’ve been reading the episode recaps and the comments about Steve finally saying I love you to Cath. They all remind me of why I can’t watch the show anymore and how sexist is the portrayal of female characters on the show.

After all of the years they’ve known each other, Steve finally admits that he loves Cath (easy to do over the phone when she’s thousands of miles away) and given what I’ve read, Cath was thrilled that he finally said something. The thing that bothers me the most is that Cath, a smart, capable, brave and beautiful woman, was willing to put so much effort into a relationship that was obviously going nowhere. She left her career in the Navy to stay in Hawaii (ostensibly to take a new job but we know it was to stay with Steve since she apparently needed his permission to take the job), then later she joined up with Five-0 because obviously she can’t be separated from Steve and can’t get a job on her own.

Steve barely has time for her, never acknowledges his feelings for her (if he actually has any), uses her to find information, makes no commitment of any kind to her, puts little effort into their relationship and has sex with her when it’s convenient for him, and yet she’s stayed with him because she loooves him. Cue soaring violin music here.

The ultimate message the audience is supposed to get from this is that Steve McGarrett is such an amazing man; so god-like, so remarkable, so beautiful and sexy and courageous and perfect, that any woman should be grateful to be in his orbit no matter how he treats her.

No matter how amazing and gorgeous Cath is herself, no matter that any other man would be thrilled to have her and treat her with a hell of a lot more respect than Steve does, she can only be with Steve, grateful for whatever crumbs he offers her because he’s the perfect man and she’s lucky, so very lucky to be allowed near him.

Like Danny, who went from a police officer with integrity and respect for the law to become an apostate of Steve; turning a blind eye to whatever outrageously illegal things Steve does because Steve’s a superior being, we know that Cath too will put aside her happiness, her future and her dreams just to stay near Steve. At least she did until episode 4x21. Frankly, Cath leaving Steve to find and rescue whatever person she was looking for, is the most courageous, most independent, and most female empowering thing Cath (or the show) has ever done. I hope the audience is told a few months into season 5 that she’s found someone else who adores her and she dumps Steve cold.

Sadly I love Steve, probably because Alex gives him some heart and depth, but these sad characterizations are why I can't take the show anymore.
My version of the notes Peter Lenkov provided to the Five-0 writers at the start of the season 4:

Hey guys! The following scenes or plot devices must appear in as many Five-0 episodes as possible this year:
• Steve being bad ass - obviously. This is the heart of the show and must happen in every episode, preferably multiple times in an episode. Let’s plan a couple of fantastical stunts too!
• Steve showing his physical and intellectual superiority over every other character (under no circumstances is Steve ever to be shown as being wrong or having any self-doubt). Oh and, since we know Steve is the best cop of all of them, I don't want Danny questioning him too much ok?
• Steve able to handle any situation and be perfect at it. Actually, let’s have Steve look after a baby so all the females in the audience will swoon. And remember my note about Steve being perfect at it!!
• Steve without his shirt on, wearing a perfectly tailored suit or in his dress uniform (see above note about swooning)
• Cath being sexy and/or beautiful. She should be seen in a bikini at least three times this season
• Cath deferring to Steve as a good girlfriend should (this should include seeking his permission to join her ex-boyfriend’s company). Cath knows how incredibly lucky she is to have a guy like Steve in her life and she’s grateful for it
• Cath being bad ass (but she should be rescued by Steve occasionally during the season)
• Romance – Cath and Steve, let’s show it as much as possible. I want to put a lot more emphasis on the Steve/ Cath relationship this year
• I think this year we’ll finally have Cath join the team. We’ve dragged it out long enough to keep the Steve/Danny fans at bay but we’ve always known we’ll do this so let’s get to it
• The great thing about having Cath and Steve work together is it will give us lots of opportunity to have them worrying about each other, saving each other (mostly Steve saving Cath remember), and basically looking lovingly at each other (I’m considering having an engagement at the end of this year but we’ll see)
• When Steve and Cath work together Danny can maybe work with Chin or stay at the office doing...something
• Danny being silly/ranting. I want him to be a lighter character this year so we can trot him out when we need a humorous scene
• Let’s toss in the odd Danny/Grace scene but remember is should mostly be for comic or ‘awww isn’t that cute’ effect
• We’re gonna add another new character – a SWAT team commander. First he and Steve will hate each other but then in a shocking plot twist no one will see coming, they’ll end up fighting some common foe together and become friends. Cool idea huh?
• Chin can have the odd date with his new woman friend but the Cath/Steve relationship must be primary
• Chin being bad ass. I want to put a bit more emphasis on Chin’s role this year. That will mean cutting back on a storyline for Danny but that’s fine. We’ll find something for him to do once in a while
• Further to the lighter-weight Danny stuff, I’m thinking we might have Danny’s mom show up to tell silly stories about him so he can be an even bigger comic character! Isn’t that a great idea?
• Kono...we’ll figure that out as we go along but we’ll have a couple of bad ass scenes and a couple of her making moon eyes at Adam (we’ll probably kill him off, I haven’t decided)

Once you have that you pretty much have an episode. Try to develop some kind of halfway plausible story for each episode to tie all of this together but don’t fret too much about believability. Oh and also, don’t ask the viewers to do too much thinking or trying to figure out the mystery, that’s not what 5-0 is about.

Remember our motto: Pretty people, Pretty Place, Pretty Light-Weight!

Aloha brahs!

I think I understand now - discussion

show discussion. No spoilers

I think I see what Lenkov is trying to do with the show. He’s not getting rid of Steve/Danny because he knows too many people love them. What he’s doing is making Steve/Danny the comic relief of the show. They’ll have the odd dramatic scene together maybe one dramatic episode, but basically they are the light-hearted portion of the show. The real meat of the show, the real emotional stuff will be Steve/Cath. That’s where we’ll see the angst and drama.

Sure, Scott will have a dramatic episode to appease him and us. But for this season, and if by some miracle the show survives, from here on in, TPTB are trying to slowly make the show based heavily on the Steve/Cath romance and relationship and move us carefully away from the meaty Steve/Danno stuff. They want us to understand that while Danny might be Steve’s partner and the source of Steve’s amusement, Cath is his rock, the love of his life, the person who makes his life worthwhile.

Even the episodes with Danny’s mom are going to be mostly humour with her telling Steve and the others a lot of embarrassing things about Danny’s childhood. This will help cement the view of Danny as the goofy but amiable clown of the show.

As the show carries on, especially towards the end of last season and now this season, Danny is becoming portrayed as a fairly competent cop and a loving father but most importantly he’s a loyal, unquestioning, unthinking follower of Steve. Where Steve leads, Danny is trailing along at his heels like a well-trained dog. Steve is the hero and the romantic lead, Danny is the clown.

Deleted scene from season 3

Posted on Scott Caan Fans Worldwide Facebook page.

This pisses me off! The one scene that showed Danny as being brave and capable in the hijacked at sea episode and they cut it out! It feels like they're just going out of their way to make Danny look whiny and incapable so Steve can be even more heroic.


Steve/Danny A Good Cop (part 1 of 2)

Title: A Good Cop (part 1 of 2)
Pairings: Steve/Danny
Genre: Gen/casefic/friendship/angst
Rating: PG 14
Warnings/Spoilers: minor spoilers for a couple of season 1 and 3 episodes
Summary: A devastating case splinters Steve and Danny's friendship and makes Danny question what kind of cop he wants to be.
Word Count: 7,700 (part 1)
Author's note: This is 5-0 case fic that involves child murders (not too detailed). Please don't read it if you think it will upset you.

At AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/871326

My thoughts on 3x24 season finale

Pairing: none
Spoilers: yes

That was one of the most boring season finales I’ve ever seen.

Steve and Danny help a wanted person escape and as usual nothing happens to them.

Danny had fuck all to do. I don’t understand why he never, ever gets a good season finale. Of course Dr. Gabby what’s-her-name is back so their great 4 minute love affair continues on. Maybe next season we’ll get five minutes!

I hope to god Kono’s leaving doesn’t mean Cath is joining the team. I suppose that is what it means so Michelle Borth is right “she wins."

Cath’s former boyfriend is in town. I was hoping she’d drop Steve and take up with the new guy but I suppose that’s next year’s angst.

Chin called that prison nurse lady for a date so that’s good.

Doris still hasn’t said what Wo Fat means to her – you’d think Steve would insist. Unfortunately Doris didn’t die so I guess she’ll be back next year.

No McDanno at all. I assume the show is done with that. Now that all three men have girlfriends maybe we weird fanfiction writers will stop seeing the slash and write them as the manly men they are.

It will be interesting (not really) knowing how “they” got past all of the guards and security in a super max prison just to kill Wo Fat and how Steve is supposed to stop them.

At least it didn’t end with Cath pregnant or Steve asking for her hand. I wouldn’t have been able to stop throwing up.
The increasingly questionable morals of H50

I’ve been thinking about this since last night’s episode and I need to get it out so all of you have to suffer through my ramblings. Sorry.

I’ve become increasingly unsettled by the tactics used by the 5-0 team to solve their cases – especially the ones involving kids. I know it’s a TV show so anything goes but I just think the messages it’s giving are kind of disturbing.

Some of the things that have troubled me the most:

• Chin killing the unarmed man who killed his wife. Now I know most of us were thinking “fucking A!” when he did it but really, he’s a police officer, he should be held to a higher moral standard than the rest of us (Of course he should never have been working on the investigation in the first place) that’s why he’s allowed to carry a gun and enter people’s homes and arrest people – because he’s been given a unique position of power and we have to trust him to uphold the law.
• Danny shooting Rick Peterson. If Rick had told them where Grace was would Danny have just killed the man outright? I know Danny was out of his head but still…
• Steve breaking out of jail instead of trusting his team or the system.
• Steve beating the shit out of the paramedic and cops in the second season opener when he broke out of jail. You’d think every cop and paramedic on the island would hate Steve’s guts for what he did but again, no backlash. Did he have any pangs of conscience for beating up the good guys? It looked to me like he hurt them badly.
• Danny beating the crap out of the kidnapper last night. Again, many of us were thinking the guy got what he deserved but where does all this vigilante justice end?
• This is not quite in the same vein but Kono dating the head of the Yakuza. Not only is it stupid it would damage her career – especially after being suspected of stealing the money. I also can’t understand Steve having no problem with this.

It’s funny how in the first season Danny was so horrified by Steve dangling a guy off a building or throwing a guy into a shark tank but now not only does he turn a blind eye to assault and murder but is starting to engage in these behaviours himself.

I realize H50 is not a procedural but an action/adventure show but does that mean it can show the supposed good guys doing all of these illegal and immoral things without any consequences?

How do these people investigate and arrest people for kidnapping, assault and murder when they engage in these acts themselves?

What kind of message does that give the audience, especially younger audience members? “If you think you’re right then use whatever means necessary to get the information.”

It’s like the show created the excuse of the Governor giving them means and immunity as a blanket permission to let them run wild. I’m a Canadian so I don’t know much about the powers of Governors in the US but I’m willing to bet that – outside of a state of emergency where martial law has been declared – no Governor is going to (or has the authority to) give a bunch of cops the right to violate people’s rights or to kill or maim.

That’s my rant for today (Danny would be proud). I’d enjoy reading your thoughts.
My thoughts on 3x22
Pairing: None
Rating: G
Spoilers: oh definitely
Summary: Just my thoughts on 3x22

My thoughts on 3x22

• Kono really is very stupid. Did she really think she’d there would be no backlash from dating the head of the Yakuza? I resent them making her such a moron.
• I guess Cath is going to be in every episode from now on. I can only assume her role will grow in season 4.
• Cath is lying to Steve again. Interesting. Quite the relationship they have.
• Cath in a bikini again. What is this the fifth time this season? Enough already.
• If they were going to tease Steve about having short hair why didn’t they do that in the last episode?
• The whole “Danny turning in his badge” thing was bullshit. I feel deliberately misled. This idea would have made for such a great season finale for Danny but I’m sure as usual his will be weak.
• Every emotional Danny episode revolves around him being a dad. I wish they’d go in another direction with his character just once. I love Daddy Danno but sometimes I’d like to see something else.
• It was fun seeing Grace doing cheerleading when Teilor is into it in such a big way.
• Speaking of Teilor, she’s very sweet and I love her but she is not a natural actress nor do I think she ever will be but she keeps trying anyway.
• The episode held together story-wise pretty well anyway. That’s new.
• Just because Danny physically handed his badge to Steve doesn’t mean he can’t be charged for assaulting the suspect.
• It kind of bothers me that Danny is becoming more like Steve, using violence to solve the cases. I hope they’ve got other evidence on the guy because there’s no way his confession gained after he was beaten is going to hold up in court. I did enjoy Steve having to pull Danny off the guy.
• It was an alright episode for the most part. Just not what I’d hoped.